Parakontel – Fastconn Collaboration on 4G Planning and Optimization Training

Parakontel – Fastconn Collaboration 4G Training on RF Planning and Optimization from basic, advanced to expert level.
Each Training will be conduct during weekend (from 8.30am to 5.30pm).

19-20 Mar 2016 (2 Days)
## The Key Concepts of 4G LTE Drive test, Network Planning and Optimization ##
IDR 2Jt Normal (Early Bird: IDR 1.75Jt)
Early Bird Price Due Date: 10 Mar 2016
Syllabus Info:–_basic_level
Venue: Paragon Hotel (atau sekelasnya)

26-27 Mar 2016 (2 Days)
## Advanced 4G LTE RF Network Optimization ##
IDR 2.75Jt Normal (Early Bird: IDR 2.4Jt)
Early Bird Price Due Date: 12 Mar 2016
Syllabus Info:–_advanced_level
Paragon Hotel (atau sekelasnya)

09-10 Apr 2016 (2 Days)
## 4G LTE RF Optimization Usecases (Expert Level) ##
IDR 3 Jt Normal (Early Bird: IDR 2.75Jt) — For Local
IDR 3.5 Jt Normal (Early Bird: IDR 3.25Jt) — For Expat
Early Bird Price Due Date: 15 Mar 2016
Syllabus for Expert Level:–_expert_level
Paragon Hotel (atau sekelasnya)

Combo A (Basic+Advance) and Combo B (Advance+Expert) Early Bird Price Due Date follow the latest date.
# Special Discount for COMPLETE Package ONLY #

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