Microwave Transmission Planning with Pathloss 5.0

This course offers a comprehensive and highly technical hands-on computer training related to planning of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Microwave Transmission Planning, using an advanced planning software tools Pathloss 5.0.

  • Understand the complete configuration of Pathloss 5 program
  • Understanding Microwave Transmission Planning network designing concept
  • Simulate Microwave Transmission Planning network effects
  • Get informational knowledge of how microwave transmission caters throughput requirements of different types of traffic
  • Understand the planning activities of microwave network

Pathloss 5.0 main program

GIS configuration
Network display
Site List Data Imports
Use of group
Link List
Network Operations
Automatic network/link design
Microwave parameters configuration and Introduction of Pathloss 5.0
Link and Pathloss 5.0 main program
Configure Reliability options
Concept of Geo-climatic factor
Concept of rain attenuation
Configure the branching losses
Choosing the frequency channels
Comparison of PL4 and PL5
Pathloss 5 installation, initialization, general description
GIS setup, terrain data selection criteria.
Procedure to Create a Terrain profile

COURSE DURATION Microwave Transmission Planning
1 – 2 day workshop


  • Pathloss 5 Configuration
  • Analysis of Power Budget & Threshold Concept
  • Atmospheric Effects, Refraction Analysis, Ducting and Rain Effects
  • Configuration of Reliability and Rain Effects in Pathloss 5.0
  • Propagation Phenomenon
  • Configuration of Generation of Path Profiling and Terrain Data
  • Concept of Path Clearance Criteria
  • Configuration of Antenna Height Parameters, Reflection Plane and Dispersion Effects
  • Configuration of Diffraction Effects in Pathloss 5.0
  • Multipath Operation in Pathloss 5.0
  • Availability and Reliability Objectives
  • Concept of Reliability and Availability
  • Configuration of Repeaters in Pathloss 5.0
  • Configuration of Diversity Schemes
  • Configuration of Network Display and Map Grid Module in Pathloss 5.0
  • Configuration of Point to Multipoint and Point to Point Operation
  • Configuration of Interference and Frequency Planning


Microwave Transmission Planning with pathloss 5

Microwave Transmission Planning with pathloss 5